7 Steps to Running a Successful Marketing Campaign

Regardless of what type of marketing campaign you're looking to run (sell or gain exposure) there are specific steps you can take to improve your chances of success. Doing any number of these will help but if you effectively do all 7 your results will substantially improve.
  1. Name: Come up with something unique and consider hashtags that you can use ongoing.
  2. Objective: Understand clearly what results you're looking to accomplish. Make your goals measurable.
  3. Target Customer(s): What customer segment is this campaign targeted for? if more than one will you need to adapt the campaign to fit the needs of the additional segment(s)?
  4. Distribution: Where are you marketing? What types of creative are you using? What is the frequency of your assets distribution? 
  5. Duration + Budget: How long is the campaign going for and what is your budget for both assets and advertising?
  6. Measurables: What do you need to measure to make sure it's a success? By when? How often?
  7. Potential Pivots: Come up with one or two potential pivots if you're not getting the response you'd suspect. If could be something simple so run A/B tests before scrapping the entire campaign.
Follow these steps before your next campaign and watch your numbers soar.