Art Vs. Science... What Matters More When Building Your Brand?

Art or science? Which is more important when you're building your brand? The answer: BOTH.

When you're building your brand, AKA your reputation online, the visuals or the art is of the upmost importance. Let's be honest, the prettier something looks the more likely we are to stop scrolling momentarily to take a second look. My background as a wardrobe stylist informed me of this all too well.

We are all conditioned to make snap judgments (I know we hate to admit it) based on how something looks, feels, smells like, etc. So of course when it comes to establishing an online identity the first thing people notice are the visuals. REGARDLESS of the platform. 

But pretty pictures or videos are just the beginning.

Most social media trainings usually focus on the fluff. The why it's important to post, how to make a catchy headline or what filters and hashtags to use; and while that's nice, it's not what's going to make you a thought leader or increase SALES!

Influencer or Someone of Influence?

Said another way, are you the brand and product or are you a brand selling a product? Most of the clientele I work with are the latter and that is where they science comes in.

Where the art cares about what the photo looks like, science is focused on the strategy behind it. Asking things such as:

  • What message am I sending out?
  • Which customer segment is this connecting with and why?
  • What questions can I answer to become a resource? 
  • And so on and so on.
When you're looking to drive ROI and build reputation, or translate posts to sales, you need both. That's why when I created my branding series it was constructed being rooted in both art & science.

Why? Having one without the other is futile.

Therefore the next time you're snapping a picture or about to share something on IG take a moment and ask yourself: Does this look indicative of my brand and is the messaging aligned with my audience I'm attempting to reach? By simply answering these the effectiveness of your social media marketing will increase substantially!

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