Did You Know?

Here are some astonishing social media statistics as well as an overview of psychographics (why they go and what are they doing) of the biggest platforms.

Social media statistics 😲
  • Facebook: 2.7B monthly users.
  • Instagram: Has more than 500M daily active users.
  • LinkedIn: Globally 61% of users are 25-34.
  • YouTube: Almost 5B vides are watched daily.
  • Twitter: 32% of users makes $75k+ annually.
  • TikTok: Has roughly 100M monthly active users. (up nearly 800% since Jan. 2018)
  • Clubhouse has 600k registered users already.
Social Media Psychographics (this should help you understand why the customer is using the platform to better help you communicate)
  • Facebook: Connect with friends and family. Discoverability is low but still the best place for ads.
  • Instagram: Visually pleasing and most pretentious. A must for any design industry. 
  • LinkedIn: Professional insight and expertise. A must for B2B.
  • Youtube: Can learn anything. Great to scale brand and place pillar content.
  • Twitter: Where you go for current events.
  • TikTok: A place to go to have fun and be authentic.
  • Clubhouse: A virtual networking event.