How to Appear Everywhere

I always say, "Your clients determine where you post, but you decide HOW."

The combination of the sheer quantity of information we're inundated and peoples lack of attention span (caused by information overload) requires that us as brands show up! And I mean SHOW UP ALOT if we want to stay relevant.

How do you do it?

By producing an inordinate amount of content that is either informative or entertaining. Or both.

The only way to make that happen is by doing what you're good at.

Of course video is the holy grail of content with it's capabilities to repurpose and magnetism. But if you're uncomfortable on camera, have an amazing voice or are a tremendous storyteller don't feel you MUST do the former. It won't work.

Instead stick to what you're good at because there's nothing worse than forcing yourself to do what you HATE.