How to Get Back to Doing Your Most Rewarding Work

Looking to get back to doing your most enjoyable work? (maybe for the first time)

Connect these 4 P's and you'll be back doing your most rewarding work in no time. Your career will finally make sense again. AHA!
  1. Purpose: What is it that you love to do? Either within your career or about a career you want to launch. Then match it to...
  2. Product: What offering can you package that will deliver on the work you love to do? Then connect to...
  3. Personality: What is it about your personality or characteristics that would allow you to be successful doing that work? Last but not least make sure it aligns with... 
  4. Prospects: Your tribe is out there and they want what you have to offer.
When you can stay true to this formula. Finding your passion to create your product offering that you're uniquely gifted to communicate and sell it to your desired audience; you are then able to "LIVE YOUR PASSION!"

How do I know? I use this exactly formula with my coaching clients and numerous times that have that AHA moment of clarity. Finally realizing how to connect their passion to their career!

Try it out. It WORKS!