It's All A Numbers Game

At the end of the day the numbers are all that matter. But which numbers matter most?

When it comes to analytics once you learn what to look for you come to the realization that analytics aren't only your friend, but the #1 predictor of digital marketing success.

So now back to the original question... which numbers matter most?

Most brands pay attention to what I like to call "vanity metrics." Those are the likes, impressions, etc. and while they're fun to look at they often don't paint the real picture on whether or not what you're putting out is generation real RESULTS.

Here are four TO DO's to turn analytics into your companies' bestie.
  1. Have a clear understanding of what results you're looking to achieve. This is paramount. Without knowing what you're looking to accomplish how would you know ever know where to begin to look? Is it web views, downloads, purchases, etc.? Understanding this is step number 1.
  2. Create a tracking cadence: The duration of the campaign can dictate how often you're reviewing your numbers. A good rule of thumb is to capture data weekly and review it every 2-4 weeks.
  3. Try A,B,C,Z testing: Test out various forms on content including photos, captions, and more. The smallest adjustment can make a huge impact. If this is a paid campaign set aside a portion of your budget to test before going all in on the winner. Remember, when comparing the testing base the winner off your desired results.
  4. Have a plan B in place. Ideally you won't have to result to this and your initial idea catches on. However, it's better going into the situation with potential alternatives in place making the need to pivot that much smoother.