More Than Who, You Have to Understand Their Why

When creating your marketing or social campaign understanding who you're trying to reach is essential. Basically, it's the demographics of your target audience. But that's only the beginning.

As salespeople it is our job to anticipate and interpret what our client wants. Anyone in sales would agree; it's much more than just what your client is saying. It's discerning what they really mean behind what they're saying and what they respond to.

That's where the psychographics come in. If the demographics tells you who, the psychographics tells you why. It breaks down:

  • Your customer's hobbies.
  • Motivation and desires.
  • Aspirations and goals.
  • Much more.

Understanding this is what allows you to craft a campaign that will meet their needs (rationale) as well as their desires (irrational) Remember this before your planning out your next campaign because hitting on both will dramatically improve your conversion ratio!