My KKK Post Just Went Viral 💻

Here I was debating whether or not to press SHARE.

I had already rewritten the caption a half of dozen times. 

Yet this time I thought I had it. I had clearly and succinctly said what I wanted to say.

But it was still hard. It's ALWAYS hard. 

This was my feeling last Wednesday evening after the capitol building attack.

I, like many Americans, felt pain and anger toward what I was witnessing on TV.

Ultimately, the reason I hit share was because I knew I had to say something. 

This isn't the first time I've felt this way. I've found myself in the same predicament more and more often recently.

And every time I've hit SHARE. 

It never gets easy. Putting yourself out there. Drawing a line in the sand.

But what's interesting is that whenever I am the most OPEN, the most vulnerable, is when my post generates the most engagement.

The stats of this particular post: 
15,291 people reached.
407 profile visits.
323 forwards.
99 saves.

That is why I ask you as entrepreneurs, brands, marketers... how often do you share the UNCOMFORTABLE? The risky? Your failures?

Are you being authentic enough consistent enough to really grow your brand? To find your TRIBE?

Know that as I'm writing this I am using it as a reminder to SHARE more, more often myself.

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