This is How You Rebuild Your Community

It's no secret that events took a huge hit in 2020. But as with any any setback innovations were made and the rise of virtual activations blossomed. 

But what about 2021?

With the vaccine rollout underway now is the time to begin brainstorming ways to engage your customers in a more direct way. 

Here are some things to consider when creating your experiential plan:

  1. Have a virtual component alongside in-person events. This was already a smart move prior to COVID but going forward it's going to be a necessity. Not only because it allows you to engage a larger audience from a larger geographical region but you have to be prepared for any last minute mandatory cancellations.
  2. Create more memorable experiences. Even with the opportunity of in-person engagements we probably won't be back to large scale events anytime soon. Use this as an opportunity create a more premium experience by customizing the event. One idea: Create multiple themes within the same event.
  3. Don't recreate the wheel. Instead of coming up with several different types of events repurpose the same event type for various customer segments. This also allows you to highlight your most sought after offering repeatedly but to a new audience every time.
  4. Consider launching a membership or VIP. Scarcity provides opportunity. Think of ways you can incentivize a cohort or group of premier clientele to have them wanting to come back again and again thus increasing their LTV.