This is the #1 Marketing Trend for 2021

With so many ways to market yourself as well as so many platforms to do it on, you probably want to know where to start going into 2021.

Although I always suggest that the best way to market yourself is by doing what you're good at; the #1 way to build brand and gain market share in 2021 is creating an original series. 


An original series does two things better than any other stragey.

  1. It provides ongoing pillar content than can be broken down and disseminated to all major platforms. 
  2. It's not something competitors can duplicate therefore differentiating you from your competition while increasing retention of your audience. 

This is why it's my #1 pick for marketing trends in 2021! #ownyourmarketing

* Original series creation is a focus of my agency and it's the reason I created teaser episodes like LifeSTYLest Cribs from above.

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